Dusty boots. Itchy trigger fingers. Yodeled apologies.
This is Grievance Gulch.

S01E01 - We Knee a Jug

Flappy Joe and Curly go looking for a judge and find a lot more.

S01E02 - We Have to Rescue Judge

The Judge goes missing, the gang goes looking, and feet get shot.

S01E03 - The Crowd Mine

Grievance Gulch tries to raise funds to start up the mine.

S01E04 - Dick Mammary

The mine might be working, somewhat, but Grievance Gulch still needs a journalist.

S01E05 - Bamboozo

Butler hires a magical man to help fix Flappy Joe's shooting problem.

S01E06 - 3:10 to Otherton

Butler hatches a plan for Grievance Gulch growth and it goes not well.

Jaymi Curley

Shannon the Cannon, various

Jaymi is a brilliant comedian and performer with credits in numerous creative projects. She is a two-time joke champion in The Scene Shop joke-writing competition. To her parents' everlasting relief, she also holds down a responsible job as a professional writer/editor whose credits include some of the world's biggest brands.


Bijou Ede

Butler, Curly, various

A savvy marketer with an eye for technology, Bijou is also a key player in Onward Theatre which is by far Atlanta's most exciting comedic theatre group. He's also a great musician (but that might be a secret) and royalty (which is definitely a secret).


Adam Moreland

JP, Travis, Dick Mammary, various

A public servant, project manager, and pestiferous punster, Adam will do anything for a laugh (even if he's the only one laughing). While he has played many roles, his most recent performance as "Dad" to his sweet/silly two-year-old daughter is his favorite.


Jim Hodgson

Flappy Joe, various

Ironman finisher, Ultramarathon finisher, and summiter of Aconcagua and Kilimanjaro, Jim now sets his sights on the most rugged challenge yet: forging a career in comedy without moving to Los Angeles (unless there's a lot of money). jimhodgson.com



Character art: Veronika Federova
Backgrounds: Zachary Tullsen
Animator: Ebenheizer Tumpal
Title Animation: John Razzetti
Sound Recording: Troy Hermes of Hermes Sound


Season Supporters

Series Executive Producers: Meghann Cantey
Associate Producers:Stafford Brooke, J, Jonathan Wallace, Dan Simard
Naming Rights: René Fielder (Ms. Fielder), Travis Broyles (Travis the Scarecrow Aficionado), JP LeRoux (JP the Peepin' Ramsay), Illumina Zero (Bamboozo, formerly known as Illumina Zero)
Thank You Videos: René Fielder, Andrew Maffesanti, Stephanie Savoie, Francois Caen, Chris Orosco, Leanna Adams, Robert Donlan, Nate Moothart, Robbie Lewis, Audrey Phillips, Brian Tester, David Cormier, Tony Sarrecchia, Mike Weigand, Anne M. Chance, Stafford Brooke, Paul Hobson, Craig Jones, Andrew Van Deventer, Taylor, John Securda, Leo Wörteler, Adam Moreland, Nigel Wilson, Allesandro Dalledonne
Wanted Posters: Josianne Leblanc, William Jacques, Bill Raymon, John Horner Jacobs, Scott Northover

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